FWB 10: Cancelled

Furry Widdle Bunny 10: Cancelled

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One thought on “FWB 10: Cancelled

  1. retrozombi says:

    An explanation is in order.

    “Furry Widdle Bunny” began as a feature in an online newspaper I ran as a tie-in to the series “Johnny Public”. I needed to be able to make periodic (heh) updates, so I figured a crappy comic strip would be the ticket. The joke was initially that this horrible strip was the creation of the newspaper’s editor.

    After a while, the only thing being updated was “Furry Widdle Bunny” (and not very often, at that). I closed down the whole operation and relocated the strips to another site, where they stayed until they didn’t.

    This was the first strip after the newspaper was abandoned, so I thought I’d make a joke that maybe five people would get.

    I wonder why I never became an internet sensation?

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