Billy and Gravely

Billy is a 4th grader with a coon-skin cap, an inquisitive mind, and a dirty mouth.

Dr. Gravely is a research scientist with no empathy, no safety protocols, and no regrets.

Together, they trample through B movie settings with no regard for convention, good taste, or actual science.

These and other fine comics are available for order through the DC Conspiracy Hula Cat store!

Beatniks and 4th graders suddenly crave a piece of everyone’s minds — or several pieces! What’s the terrible secret behind the zombie infestation? Why are only dope fiends and bed-wetters effected?

Cheerleader Bettie-Marie, her young brother Billy, and the disturbed Dr. Gravely may be the only hope for stopping the outbreak — if they don’t kill each other first!

30 pages, b&w
written by Sean Frost
drawn by Rafer Roberts

Billy and Dr. Gravely travel to Nekko IX, a desolate world ruled by the fickle cat women. Dr. Gravely seeks riches, but Billy just wants to escape with his life …and a space dog?

Can the destructive duo win against the combined might of the vengeful queen and her ravenous spiders?

30 pages, glorious color
written by Sean Frost
drawn by Rafer Roberts
colored by Wendi Strang-Frost


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