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Imaginary No More

IDW’s “Imaginary Drugs” is out, which means that the Billy and Gravely short that Rafer and I did for it is now available!

Here’s a review.

If your Local Comic Store doesn’t have it, please have them order one for you!


Panel Patter Spotlights Rafer Roberts

Hula Cat friend and collaborator Rafer Roberts is going to SPX, and Panel Patter’s Rob McMonigal has some nice words about what’s in the works.

Panel Patter: SPX Spotlight on Rafer Roberts

If you haven’t read “Nightmare the Rat”, I heartily encourage you to check it out. It’s goofy and unsettling, all at once, and the eponymous tooth-stealing rodent is hardly the weirdest or worst denizen of Hell City.

Nightmare the Rat

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Billy and Dr. Gravely & IDW!

Earlier this year, Rafer Roberts asked if I’d be interested writing a 2-page Billy and Gravely with a quick turn-around time to appear in a Kickstarter comic anthology: Imaginary Drugs. Would I? Oh, hell yeah! Those sciFI (heavy on the FICTION, light on the science) hooligans are a blast to write, and as “Dope Fiends of the Zombie Cafe” and “Wild Women of the Kitty-Kat Galaxy” demonstrate I love getting Rafer to draw crazy shit.

Over a few emails we worked out a scenario, and the comic came together with a quickness! Then came the news — Imaginary Drugs had been picked up for distribution by IDW!

That’s due out later this year (and believe me you will hear about it!), but first comes the promised Kickstarter release. I just flipped through my PDF proof copy, and It Is Gorgeous!

I’m all a-tingle, I am. 🙂

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How to Get Your Hands on Wild Women!

“Wild Women of the Kitty-Kat Galaxy!” is now available for purchase! It’s listed, along with “Dope Fiends of the Zombie Cafe!” and the “Plastic Farm” issues with Wendi’s artwork, on the DC Conspiracy Hula Cat store!

DC Conspiracy is a comic collective centered around Washington DC, and Rafer happens to be a member. He’s volunteered to handle orders of the Billy and Gravely comics, so show him some love and check out the Rafer Roberts store while you’re picking up your copy of “Wild Women…”!

You might poke around the other DC Conspiracy stores, too. There’s a lot of good comics just waiting for you to read them!


Comics for SPACE Have Shipped!

50 copies of WILD WOMEN OF THE KITTY-KAT GALAXY! left a post office sorting facility very early this morning. If luck holds, I should be able to pick them up on the way to SPACE on Friday!

In the meantime, I’m as keyed up as a cat watching a laser pointer. Speaking of which, have a 2-panel sequence of cat women doing just that!

Safety tip: cat women are susceptible to laser pointers!

Safety tip: cat women are susceptible to laser pointers!

SPACE is being held on April 13-14 in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, check out the SPACE site.

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Comics Ordered for SPACE

The test printing of “Wild Women of the Kitty-Kat Galaxy!” came in, and it looked downright spiffy!

Hot off the press. Owowow!

Hot off the press. Owowow!

So I ordered a mess of them to bring with me to SPACE! They’re promised to arrive by the day I’ll be heading down to Columbus, so we’ll trust in that. Worst case, I’ll have that proof copy for folks to look at.

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WARNING: Flood of Furry Widdle Updates

I’m going to be uploading all of the Furry Widdle Bunny strips as individual posts. Those of you who receive notifications are about to have a bunch of them drop in fairly short order, and I apologize for the multiple updates that this will cause. There’s likely a terribly clever way to manage this that wouldn’t bother anybody, but I’m not the fella that knows it.

Just smile knowingly, shake your head, and try think of me as an affable idiot. I know I try to.

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Hula Cat is Going to SPACE

SPACE, the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, is going to be held April 13-14 in Columbus, Ohio, and this year Hula Cat will be there!

Well, I will anyway. Rafer has graciously allowed me to squat at the Plastic Farm table to help spread the word about “Wild Women of the Kitty Kat Galaxy”. We’ll have pages to paw through, copies of “Dope Fiends of the Zombie Cafe”, and some nifty surprises!

So come on by, and buy lots of indie comics!

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Furry Widdle Bunny #2 Starts Down the Bunny Trail

Nearly a bunch of years after the release of Furry Widdle Bunny #1, work on the second issue has begun!

Nate Higley tentatively agreed to come back as artist, with the understanding that the script would not call for giraffes or bicycles.

As you can see from the script screenshot below, I’m all about respecting artist requests.


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Rafer’s Art Show

Rafer’s work appeared in a gallery, and the show got a very nice write-up. Read the article

Also, I want a collection of Nightmare the Rat. Like, now.