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Building out the Warren

This time around, I want to create a greater sense of place in “Furry Widdle Bunny”. While the 1st two months of strips (already queue!) are the familiar sparse environments, I’m building out 3D models of the more frequent locations that the strip will occur in.

First up, for December and January strips, is the common living space in Simon’s co-op house. I’ve got a large piece of that work done and just need to put in things like couches and tables and such.


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Modeling Cartoon Anatomy

From the time of the third Furry Widdle Bunny strip I drew, I fretted over how to handle characters in side view. The full circle head works for the front view, but looks bizarre from the side — and it honestly doesn’t make any sense. A spherical head on a cylindrical body would have a squashed bottom, like a Fisher Price toy. But I wanted that full circle from the front view!

For the new strip, I wanted to solve this problem. I downloaded a 3D modeling app and worked it out.


It’s a bit rough, but I think it corrects the biggest problems. And, yes, that’s a butt bump in back.

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